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The following titles are available at the Public Libraries Singapore.  The selection is compiled by Nur Hakim Low, Librarian, Public Libraries Singapore. You could search for more titles on the Battle of Singapore via the Library catalogue:

The Worst Disaster:
The Fall of Singapore
  Guns of February: Ordinary Japanese Soldiers' Views of Malayan Campaign and the Fall of Singapore 1941-42   Singapore Burning: Heroism and Surrender in World War II
Book   Book   Book
by Raymond Callahan   by Henry Frei   by Colin Smith
This title focuses on the strategic decisions and considerations that led to Singapore’s downfall, particularly choices made by Churchill and the War Cabinet. A main thrust of argument was that Britain simply lacked the resources to both fight off a European adversary (Germany), while at the same time be able to defend its Eastern colonial possessions.
Another record of the Malayan campaign, but this time from a unique perspective - those of the attackers. The author, who was a Professor of History in Japan, has based his work primarily on the memories of six surviving Japanese soldiers who fought in Malaya. The vivid recollections reveal that not all Japanese soldiers were crazed imperialists – some of them were thoughtful and deeply troubled by their actions, men caught up in the sweep of history.
Colin Smith’s work is sweeping in scale and yet, it retells in fascinating detail, the story of Singapore from the period before its fall to the Japanese in 1942, to its liberation in 1945. There is a cast of hundreds, if not thousands, and each has a story to tell, with some more tragic and harrowing than the rest. The pre-war years of the 1930s especially captures the mood, beliefs and confidence of a colonial era that has since passed into history. This presumptive sense of colonial confidence is effectively contrasted against the period of 1942-45, one of privation and suffering.
The Defence and Fall of
Singapore 1940-1942
  Kill the Tiger: Operation Rimau and the Battle for Southeast Asia    
Book   Book    
by Brian P. Farrell   by Peter Thompson & Robert Macklin    
This book, based in part on historical archives from Britain and Australia released since 1992, re-examines the reasons why and how “defeat turned into disaster” in the defence of Singapore in 1941-42. Farrell critically re-examines some the most enduring ideas and myths surrounding the fall of Singapore, and comes to conclusions that question our popular understanding.
In 1944, British and Australian commandos launch a covert operation, codenamed “Rimau” or “Tiger”, to penetrate Singapore’s habour to destroy Japanese ships. They will use top-secret one-man submarines to enter the habour. But the operation goes horribly wrong, with tragic consequences. Read about one of the Pacific War’s most ambitious, and costly, covert operations.
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