National Education Lesson Plan
for Use with Field Command: Singapore 1942

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A ready-to-use 2-hour lesson plan on the National Education lessons that can be drawn from the World War II Battle of Singapore for use by schools in Singapore.

Students are engaged in the subject matter through the Black Friday docu-drama, components from the Field Command: Singapore 1942 board game, and role-play.

Central to the lesson plan is a unique, easy-to-learn and specially designed situational-decision-based game for the re-enactment of the Battle of Singapore.

This lesson plan was co-developed with students from Pioneer Junior College, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Anglican High School.

CD-ROM Contents:

  • Ready-to-Use Lesson Plan with Extensive Notes, Script & Timing as a Guide to Conducting the Lesson
  • Easy-to-Learn Battle Game as Part of Lesson Plan to Engage Students
  • 15-minute “Black Friday” Docu-Drama (with transcript) by Singapore Film-Maker, Wan & leftrightleft films to Engage Students
  • 63-slide Presentation Slide Deck in PDF Format
  • Table-Stand Cut-Outs & Role-Play Nametags in PDF Format for Organizing Students
  • Role-Play Helper Words in PDF Format to Guide Students


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